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Past restorations

It is always important to have a good indication of the quality of work to be expected and that which has been achieved through our workshops. Some jobs overall are very straight forward but others are quite extreme, to date we have not failed to bring a car back to life and meet the highest owner expectations. Below you will see some of our cars which have been through the workshops recently and one or two which are still in progress.

Black and Silver
This is a car recently imported from Canada. It is for sale as a running driving project car. It was with its last owner for 35 years and has had money recently spent on the car. The car will require…
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Stunning 1954 100 BN1 for sale with 4 speed upgrade. We have just completed this car in our Sports classics uk workshop and the car has been going through “shake down” after substantial restoration. The original car was in fair…
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