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1967 series 1 E Type coupe 4.2 manual








Car interior:


Car exterior:


The is a late 67 S1 coupe restoration project. I have inspected the vehicle personally before purchase. The car is a matching numbers car, originally white with black interior. It is pretty much complete but nevertheless a fairly major project. The car will require a full floor pan and sills, new door skins and some work to the bonnet. The shell in general is very good and also the boot floor and rear under tray, also the bonnet as a whole is good, not really rusty or badly misshapen but will require an under tray. I cannot ascertain the condition of the engine but please expect to rebuild it as the worst option. the transmission seems fine, easily able to select all gears. This car will be sensibly priced to allow a DIY restorer an excellent project which may need some specialist help on fitting a floor and door skins.
Our group company Watjag near Bakewell are able to do a full restoration or as an alternative we are happy to step in and out of your project to give advice or do the difficult bits.