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In pursuit of the ultimate E Type


This car has never previously been advertised in Europe. It is to be featured in a number of Jaguar articles over the next few months and will be attending a number of events. Maybe not for the person requiring an original car but please read on and share some of the story of this wonderful car and the wonderful couple who owned and cherished this vehicle. This car was built by a highly acclaimed NASA scientist and engineer. Warren Stone was a USAF pilot in his early years and from a very early age put his skills to good use restoring and customising many wonderful projects from Rolls Royce to Cadillac. Warren, in his time was responsible for communications and back up computers for the moon landings and space race providing services to Cape Canaveral.

This extremely high skill set has been taken forward into this wonderful and unique car. The engine is based on a V8 4.7Ltr Ford Cobra. The car was built in pursuance of the ultimate e type with the beauty of the S1 design and smooth power and driveability of this engine mated to a 3 speed matching automatic transmission. Take off the thoroughbred blinkers and you have a wonderfully accomplished driving car. I have had more fun driving this car than any other e type , it is unique in its smooth and comfortable driveability and yet an animal when put through its paces on the open road. What you have is simply determined by what your right foot does! The cars home was California and this is portrayed in the rust free and pin straight body and paint. California dreaming comes to mind with Warren and his wife turning in, on the Pacific highway watching the sun go down with the car on the beach and a glass of wine. I am still in touch with Cindi, a wonderful lady from a lovely relationship with Warren. I have much history from Cindi right from when Warren picked her up from High School in his Cadillac Eldorado to his later years. Any ladies out there that love the beauty of the S1 but don’t like, or cannot cope with the moss box and the cars driveability come forward now! This car is as useable and gentle as a modern day saloon just take care with you right foot.

The car was originally Opalescent Maroon with a black interior and soft top. We have a correct engine, and transmission set available should someone eventually want to go back to where the car started but it would be a great shame to do that, without having some serious fun first. Articles are to be done by Jim Patten (JEC editor) and Art Lawrence (Jaguar driver e type Forum head) This car has also been viewed by Ken Jenkins (technical director of the Jaguar enthusiasts club) I could go on about the tech spec and detail to which this work was done but really these words cannot compensate for turning on the ignition and driving this excellent piece of engineering. Chassis number 880717 December 1963.